Mana Launcher for Linux

After much effort from our volunteer developers, we are proud to announce the Mana Launcher for Linux!

Using the mana launcher allows you to join our game more quickly, as well as remembering password and managing your screenshots in a simpler way. It also allows you to update the game client. Previously it was only available for Windows, so we are happy to announce its Linux version!

Of course, the ManaPlus links are still provided, and are recommended if you are in a low performance computer.

Moubootaur Legends has greatly evolved since its original launch date. Adventurers are sharpening their weapon, in preparation for the epic showdown with the Monster King, which looms closer every day. How long until it happen, everyone wonders? The Five Legendary Weapons begin looking for the five heroes which shall hold them, and unrest grows among NPCs and monsters - Now, more than ever, all the help is necessary to overtake the Fortress Town.

Time is of essence, however. For while the adventurers prepare themselves to overtake the Fortress and put an end to the Monster King evil ambitions once and for all... A long forgotten evil seems to be awakening, and up to no good.

Ready to become a Moubootaur Legend now?

Note: This is an Open Source MMORPG, where everyone can contribute and has monthly updates. This means any player interested in the game development can make new quests, items, maps and monsters for the community enjoyment. You are invited to be part of this family.


Mana Launcher (Linux AppImage)
Feb 26, 2021
Mana Launcher (Electron)
Aug 01, 2019

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