Fires of Steam - On Event Server

Hello everyone, Even with the (hopefully temporary) loss of our main server, we decided to anticipate an event which was scheduled for Steam Release in june~ish.

It has been updated and edited and I would like to thank jak1 for hosting it for us!  Thursday 11th, at 13:00 UTC (14:00 France; 10:00 Brazil), if God permits, we shall be releasing the Fires of Steam event, which tells an important part of the world's lore - the last thing which players must know and which must happen on the world before the Monster King can be slain.  

Everyone will start with a default character which can be customized. We'll decide on event rewards only after OVH reports back the status of our servers in SBG1.

Ready to become a Moubootaur Legend now?

PS. Mana Launcher auto-updater might be temporarily unavailable; We advise players to use the "Launch ManaPlus" this time. We'll prepare an update so Mana Launcher doesn't goes KABOOM if its virtual infrastructure vanishes.

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