Mana Launcher Alpha now available for download

DISCLAIMER - This is an Experimental release of a software still under development. Things may yet change drastically due to feedback or unforeseen circumstances. You're invited to test it, but keep in mind our main goal is attaining feedback.

After six months in development, we're proud to announce and make publicly available, the experimental version of our Mana Launcher. This version was built in Ren'Py (instead of Electron), and counts with an optimized authentication flow, which is both safer as more versatile than our earlier experiments.

You'll be able to navigate through the multiverse which compose the games powered by ManaPlus, hoping around worlds and hopefully, you'll be able to address a conspiracy which threatens a significant portion of the existing worlds. Each world in our multiverse is unique, containing differences regarding gameplay and different development teams. Thus far, only Moubootaur Legends, this game, is fully playable and not experimental.

Keep in mind that even if the Launcher itself is written in Ren'Py, the game client is the good ol' ManaPlus, which can be optionally replaced with our own customized fork, ManaVerse. Additional downloads will be requested after downloading this launcher.

Among the optional features which ManaPlus/ManaVerse does not offer natively, you'll be able to use Discord Rich-Presence, use TLS 1.2+ for authentication, and hopefully, have an overall smoother experience when playing with multiple worlds. A lot of this is still in development, consider donating - donations buy coffee, which keeps developers awake and coding - or just providing feedback. Every comment helps!

Here are hints to go through some of the current quirks of our software:

  • When prompted, we advise selecting "Single Screen" login method, which can remember email and password. However, text input is a bit clumsy on it; You may use "Seamless" login method instead.
  • You can forget remembered emails/passwords or show again the login method prompt in the preferences screen.
  • An account will be created automatically if one doesn't exists already, and the two factor authentication code (TOTP) will be emailed to you. The Mana Launcher has a built-in authentication manager, you can save the secret key (sent to your email) on preferences screen.
  • We support command-line arguments: But they're a bit unusual!
  • Source code is available on GitLab, feel free to download, reuse, and even contribute to our project.
  • And if you have questions or need support, we're always up to drink a cup of coffee on our Discord Server. Remember to wave at us on windmill channel first, so we can know you're human (or at very least, that you're not a pesky spambot!)

We look forward to seeing you try out our new launcher, and wait anxiously for your feedback.

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Mana Launcher (Experimental)
Dec 18, 2021

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