Version 0.0.2 (Changelog)

Hello Manaverse!

We bring you the second step in this project, on the second day of the second month from publication!


Today we're finally releasing the 0.0.2 version of Source of Mana. A lot of things are being built from scratch or are newly adapted for Godot, so most of these changes are designed to prepare the game for a future prototype release. New builds are now available for download. We encourage you to take a look and let us know what you think.

Source of Mana has grown a lot over the past month, our seedling of a project is finally sprouting into the wonderful tree it will one day become. The 0.0.1 release was dowloaded nearly 100 times, which we consider pretty good for such a small prototype.

If you'd like to see this project continue to grow, don't forget to follow The Mana World here on! :)


  • Game ported to Godot 4.0 (Beta 2) after intially being built on Godot 3.5;
  • Added minimap support;
  • Improved Tiled map imports to work with Godot 4.0;
  • Added various GUI elements including windows, buttons and fonts;
  • Added support for emotes (as well as new TMW-style emotes that will be coming with future releases!);
  • Various GUI, navigation and build fixes;
  • New story design in progress for a central storyline and to incorporate Mana into our World.


Source of Mana
Oct 02, 2022
Source of Mana 48 MB
Oct 02, 2022
Source of Mana 72 MB
Oct 02, 2022
Source of Mana 60 MB
Oct 02, 2022

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