A downloadable TMW Classic for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android


The original home of The Mana World

The Mana World: Classic is the name for the original game project once simply known as The Mana World. Classic includes the Legacy (tmwAthena) server, which has been the main active server for TMW's community since 2004 as well as the Evolved server.

New content has accumulated on the game over the years and, although there isn't a lot of structure to it, there is a world of content to be enjoyed along with our other players, who are ready to welcome you for the first time or as someone who has played TMW in the past!

On TMW Classic you will find a world of quests, exploration and many years of accumulated content, with highly replayable challenges and quests like the Candor Battles and the Illia Sisters.

There are events held regularly on the server. Game Masters are actively involved with the community and the running of events alongside their rule-enforcement duties.

Our famous guild Crew of Red Corsair (CRC) was established in 2010 and is still the pride of our community. They host events for all players and create a friendly and fun environment for anyone wishing to get involved.

Find us at: Forums | IRC | Discord | Wiki


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Is there still a way to play on mobile?  It looks like a lot of fun


Great 2d online game where you can have fun by chatting or finishing quests!


I love The Mana World :>